Conferences and Meetings, 13 October Chi c'è: Maurizio Martina Stefano Paleari Andrea Segré Rebecca Chesney Michiel Bakker Stephen Ritz Michele Stanca Chiara Tonelli Fabrizio Dughiero Salvatore Parlato Valeria Fedeli Massimo Inguscio

From Farming to Life Sciences, we’ve arrived at a new state of consciousness about what has a daily impact on human existence: food.

The closing conference of AGROGENERATION will involve international experts that will speak about the last frontiers in agri-food innovation, the importance of scientific research to meet the challenges of our age, and will finalize with a focus on the role of our country on these issues, after Expo, with Human Technopole.

ore 14.00 – 14.45 – Future Is NOW. Future will be diverse. Towards an inclusive framework for the future of food.

Food Innovation: Recipes for the Next Decade – Rebecca Chesney IFTF
Food Care – Michiel Bakker – Google Food
The plant revolution – Stephen Ritz – The Green Bronx Machine

14.30 – 16.00 –The Italian research system for agriculture

14.30 – Introduction: Michele Stanca, Vice-President of Accademia dei Georgofili (moderator)
14.45 – Research at universities – Chiara Tonelli, Pro-Rector at the University of Milan
15.00 – Public research organizations – Massimo Inguscio, President of CNR
15.15 – Private research organizations – Andrea Segré, President of Edmund Mach Foundation
Ore 15.30 – Industry 4.0 Competence Centers – Fabrizio Dughiero, Pro-Rector of technology transfer at the University of Padua
15.45 – Dedicated research– Salvatore Parlato, President of CREA
16.00 – The new hub for Italian research – Stefano Paleari, President of the Coordinating Committee at Human Technopole

Conclusions: Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy, Valeria Fedeli, Minister of Education, University and Research

16.00 – 17.00…and The Winner is… – HACKATHON PRIZEGIVING

Organized by: Future Food and CREA with funding from MIPAAF

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