Conferences and Meetings, 13 October Chi c'è: Giorgio Gori Maurizio Martina Andrea Segré Renato Giavazzi Antonio Boselli Giuseppe Caprotti Matteo Caroli Massimiliano Giansanti Federico Ferrazza

Technological innovation and scientific research have a key role to ensure environmental, economic and social sustainability levels to the future of agriculture worldwide. In the coming years, the world population will continue to grow. Whilst consumers require more and more products based on their own needs and nutritional and economic habits, the shortage of resources means that the whole sector needs to reconfigure its production and distribution processes in a sustainable way. Can these apparently contrasting global needs live together and be successfully integrated?How can technology, science and productivity govern this transformation and the originated tensions? Some among the most authoritative voices from politics, business, technology and science in our country will talk about this topic, aiming to pinpoint the programmes and actions to carry out in order to meet such complex needs.

Opening session: Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo, Renato Giavazzi, President of Confagricoltura Bergamo, Antonio Boselli, President of Confagricoltura Lombardia, Giuseppe Caprotti, businessman and marketing, economic and environmental consultant, Andrea Segrè, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal at the University of Bologna, Matteo Caroli, Professor of Economics at Luiss University, Massimilano Tripodi, Head of Marketing at New Holland – EMEA, Massimiliano Giansanti, President of Confagricoltura, Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy.

Moderator: Federico Ferrazza, direttore di Wired Italia

Organized by: Confagricoltura

Reservations: presidenza@confagricoltura.it