Conferences and Meetings, 9 October Chi c'è: Roberto Cavaliere Massimo Biloni Luigi Bonizzi Francesco Campana Bianca Ortuani Marianno Franzini Franco Verrascina

Agriculture, source of life and guardian of health, for sustainable resource management.
The conference will take into consideration topics related to the enhancement of air, water, and of the environment. It will also address the importance of agriculture, which, besides producing primary goods, focuses on the protection and sustainability of some natural elements, such as water, air and the environment, essential for the healthy daily survival.

Introduction: Dr. Roberto Cavaliere – President of COPAGRI Lombardia, Prof. Luigi Bonizzi – Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Milan

Dr. Bianca Ortuani – Innovative tools to examine and manage soil variability in relation to precision agriculture.
Dr. Francesco Campana – Technological innovations for the sustainable management of agri-food activities: Ozone’s possible role.
Dr. Massimo Biloni – Water and rice cultivation.
Moderator: Prof. Marianno Franzini

Conclusions: Dr. Franco Verrascina – President of COPAGRI Nazionale

Organized by: Copagri Lombardia

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