Conferences and Meetings, 10 October Chi c'è: Andrea Olivero Alessandra Pesce Sandro Chiesura Giuseppe Provera Fabio Perini Stefano Vaccari Massimo Vittori Luigi Cortellessa

Panel discussion of food marketing on the internet and consumer protection regarding quality and food safety. A comparison at an international level of the control organizations in the G7 Nations, with discussion on how to strengthen the tools to fight fraud in the agri-food sector. Italy is on the forefront in fighting the food fraud battle and has signed agreements with major internet platforms to remove fake certified products from virtual store shelves, protecting the integrity of the real Made in Italy products. The following topics will be discussed by industry experts: food and the internet – what the experts say; what food producers expect from the internet; consumer expectations; examples of consumer protection on the internet.

15.00 – Opening remarks: Matteo Rossi – President of the Province of Bergamo, Andrea Olivero – Vice Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy
15.30 – Agri-food e-commerce – Alessandra Pesce, Technical Secretary of the Vice Minister
15.45 – Food and the internet: the case of E-bay – Sandro Chiesura, Ebay legal department
16.00 – The international experience of GI protection – Massimo Vittori, OriGIn
16.15 – The Classical Chianti on “e-commerce”. Tools and innovative strategies for protection and promotion – Giuseppe Provera, Convey Srl
16.30 – Agri-food on the internet, the cooperative sector viewpoint – Fabio Perini, Vice President of Fedagri
16.45 – Fighting agri-food frauds in commerce and e-commerce – Stefano Vaccari, ICQRF: what happens in Italy; Luigi Cortellessa, Colonel of the Carabinieri

17.15 – Discussion and closing remarks: Andrea Olivero, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy

Organized by: Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Central Inspectorate for Anti-Fraud and Agriculture Policy Unit of the Carabinieri, Municipality of Bergamo

Invitation only