Conferences and Meetings, 11 October Chi c'è: Giorgio Gori Matteo Rossi Maurizio Martina Gianni Fava

The G7 Geographical Indication is a meeting between the major producers in the GI sectors of Food, Wine and Spirits from the G7 and other nations. It is an international summit to draft and share a strategic document that will be submitted to all the relevant authorities with objectives regarding the recognition of the value of Geographic Indications in the agriculture, environmental and commercial area. Tools to fight counterfeiting, sustainable production and the relaunch of international negotiations for the legal protection of GIs will be the subjects at the center of the debate.

Opening Remarks: Giorgio Gori, Mayor of Bergamo, Matteo Rossi, President of the Province of Bergamo, Gianni Fava, Lombardy Regional Councillor of Agriculture. Conclusions: Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy.

Organization: Municipality of Bergamo, Qualivita Foundation. In collaboration with Associazione Italiana Consorzi Indicazioni Geografiche, AFIDOP – The Association of ltalian PDO Cheeses, AssoDistil, FederDoc, FederDop, ISIT, oriGIn. With funding from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy

Invitation only

Information: segreteria@2017.agriculturabg.it, segreteria@qualivita.it