Conferences and Meetings, 11 October Chi c'è: Andrea Olivero Enrico Giovannini Aldo Cristiano Grazia Sgarra Mario Cerutti Mario Molteni Massimiliano Tarantino Daniela Fatarella Marco Brembilla Elena Avenati Denise Giacomini

Save the Children wants to contribute to the on-going debate in Italy for the identification of a sustainable and responsible model of public-private partnership that focuses on nutrition and food safety (SDG 2) with cooperative international development. After sharing the recommendations of the Organization, representatives from various sectors involved are invited to a roundtable.

Opening Remarks: Andrea Olivero – Vice Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy, Marco Brembilla – Councillor of the Municipality of Bergamo, Daniela Fatarella, Deputy CEO, Save the Children.

Introduction: Elena Avenati, Private Sector and SDGs Manager Save the Children Italia.

Speakers: Enrico Giovannini, Spokesperson for Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, Aldo Cristiano, Director of Global Procurement Raw Material and Head of Sustainability of Ferrero, Grazia Sgarra, Director of the Development Office for the Italian Agency of public-private partnerships, Mario Cerutti, Chief Sustainability Officer of Lavazza, Denise GiacominiMedical Director DGISAN for the Ministry of Health and Technical Secretary of Italian Roundtable for the Nutrition Decade, Mario Molteni, Professor of Business and Corporate Strategy at Università Cattolica.

Moderator: Massimiliano TarantinoGeneral Secretary of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundations.

Questions open to the public after the end of the roundtable

Organization: Save the Children

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