Conferences and Meetings, 12 October Chi c'è: Gabriele Rinaldi Graziella Leyla Ciagà Gherardo Colombo Simone Martano Stefano Masini Paola Brambilla

Food safety and labelling: what is stated and what is hidden?

The food we depend on for our survival is at the center of global economic-financial processes, with criminal appetites, and with attention from mass media and politics that impact the destiny of billions of people and the preservation of biodiversity. Is it really a right for everyone? When does food safety count? What guarantees does a label offer you?

Greetings and introductions: Graziella Leyla Ciagà, Councillor for the environment, public green spaces and energy policy; Gabriele Rinaldi, Director, Botanical Garden of Bergamo and member of European project The Big Picnic. Speakers: Gherardo Colombo former magistrate; Simone Martano, Commander, NAS Brescia; Stefano Masini, Vice president, Ministerial Commission for the reform of agri-food crimes; Paola Brambilla, WWF Italy Delegate for Lombardy

Organized by: Energy Department for the Municipality of Bergamo, “Lorenzo Rota” Botanical Garden of Bergamo, Association of Friends of the Botanical Garden of Bergamo, Association of Young Lawyers Bergamo section, Coldiretti Bergamo.

Collaboration: BergamoScienza Association

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