Conferences and Meetings, 12 October Chi c'è: Matteo Rossi Patrizia Graziani Eugenio Cerea Federica Ravera Marco Pasta

Next year will be the fortieth anniversary of the winner of the Palme d’or at the Cannes International Film Festival, “L’albero degli Zoccoli”, Ermanno Olmi’s masterpiece. Filmmaker Olmi knew how to majestically interpret peasant life and culture in a world that was slowly disappearing, raising this lifestyle to the level of a universal work of art.

Events, places and people from the film were inspired by the typical farming traditions of the Bergamo plain which Olmi came in contact with at a young age.

The towns of Calcinate, Cividate, Cortenuova, Martinengo, Mornico al Serio, Palosco and Treviglio, all on the Bergamo plain, in collaboration with the Province of Bergamo and the Province School Bureau have launched a cultural, didactic and tourism project. The film will be shown in schools and will be the start of a program to study, reflect upon and discuss themes about agriculture and food, the role of women, the local dialect, architecture and religion.

Opening Remarks: Matteo Rossi, President of the Province of Bergamo, Patrizia Graziani, Head of the Local School Bureau of Bergamo, Eugenio Cerea, Mayor of Mornico al Serio

Organized by: Province of Bergamo, Municipality of Mornico al Serio, head of the group participating in the 40th anniversary project of Albero degli Zoccoli (towns of Martinengo, Cortenuova, Cividate, Palosco, Calcinate, Treviglio), Local school bureau.