Conferences and Meetings, 12 October Chi c'è: Maurizio Martina Maria Grazia Mammuccini Maurizio Raeli Paolo Carnemolla Eduardo Cuoco Matteo Bartolini Antonio Cianciullo Luca Bianchi David Gould Stéphanie Pageot Chris Atkinson Jan Plagge Eva Torremocha

Despite the unpredictability of climate change, food production losses and volatile food prices – which no production model can control – organic farming represents the only innovation on agriculture and food from the last century. Organic farming is based on an ecosystem approach, socially inclusive and economically and environmentally sustainable. Its global success is demonstrated by more than two million agricultural workers in 164 countries, who use local resources, reducing the use of external inputs and increasing their resilience despite climate changes. Two years after the condivision of the Organic Chart during Expo Milano 2015 and starting from the experience of the G7 countries and of the most important international organizations, the conference will aim to define a common declaration highlighting organic farming as a means to transform agricultural systems worldwide.

Opening Remarks: Municipality of Bergamo, Maurizio Raeli, Director of CIHEAM Bari, Paolo Carnemolla ,President of FEDERBIO, Eduardo Cuoco, Director of IFOAM EU.

Keynote Speech: Organic in the evoultion of sustainable agricultural systems worldwideMatteo Bartolini, IOAN

Roundtable moderated by da Antonio Cianciullo (La Repubblica).

Speakers: Stefano Bocchi, University of Milan, David Gould IFOAM International, Luca Bianchi MIPAAF. The experience of organic organizations in the G7 countries: Stéphanie Pageot, FNAB France, Chris Atkinson, Soil Association UK, Jan Plagge Bioland Germany, Eva Torremocha IFOAM OI USA, Japan and Canada, Maria Grazia Mammuccini, FEDERBIO Italy.

Conclusions: Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy

Delivery of Bergamo Organic Chart

Organized by: CHIEAM Bari Institute, Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policy, FederBio, Organic Action Network Italia.